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    Uncle TreY Says “I’m Not Everybody” On New Single


    Uncle TreY has released his latest single “I’m Not Everybody,” which is sure to be a hit with many. The hook of the song is particularly powerful, as it features affirmations that the artist himself used during difficult times. The track gains an additional layer of authenticity with this personal touch, further enhancing its relatability for listeners.

    Born and raised in The Bronx, NY, Uncle TreY is an artist on a continuous journey of growth and self-improvement, constantly reaching new heights. He draws inspiration from his own experiences, as well as the world around him, resulting in a sound that is both unique and refreshing. With “I’m Not Everybody,” he showcases his ability to craft a song that is not only catchy, but also meaningful.

    Uncle TreY is definitely an artist to watch, and “I’m Not Everybody” is just a taste of what he has in store for the future. His dedication to his craft and willingness to share his personal journey through his music is sure to inspire others and cement his place in the industry.

    Stream “I’m Not Everybody” on Spotify 

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