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    ‘Squid Game’ Season 3 Filmed Ahead of Season 2 Launch

    The death trap that is “Squid Game” is, however, not going away. With many eagerly expecting this twisted new set of games to fill Season 2 come December, rumors are already forming around a potential Season 3. For series creator Hwang Dong-hyuk, the mastermind behind this dystopian nightmare, that’s just the way he planned it though he does ensure that Season 2 is indeed the prime focus at the moment. “Our eyes right now are firmly fixed on really bringing an outstanding second season by December,” he says. “Talk of Season 3 is exciting, but no filming is happening just yet. Through conversations with Netflix are positive.”

    This initiative by Netflix to renew the series testifies to the enormous faith around “Squid Game” and its viability on the platform. The series has tremendously broken records since Season 1, becoming an international sensation and cultural phenomenon. Season 1 set a powerful precedent for a likely Season 3 green light after the premiere of Season 2. Netflix is betting on the magnetism of “Squid Game” to global viewers. “The overwhelming response to Season 1 showcased the series’ immense power,” said a Netflix spokesperson. “We’re energized by possibilities for Season 3 and beyond and fully committed to supporting Hwang’s vision for the story.”

    The anticipation amongst fans is electric. Theories about future seasons’ twists and turns run rampant. It is a gem in storytelling and portraying layered characters placed in life-or-death stakes that make it shine on Netflix’s library. As December inches closer, viewers must brace themselves as the madness of “Squid Game” definitely won’t subside for a while. With season 2 right around the corner and talks about season 3 underway, the show presents no possible signs of stopping. One thing is for sure: “Squid Game” will continue to engage millions of viewers for years.

    There are a couple of provocative questions at play, however. What new secrets does Season 2 reveal? And more importantly, how is the thread of the flowing narrative in Season 1 extended further into the next chapter? And more importantly, what form will Season 3 take? Hwang, known for his fastidious approach to world-building, has teased going further into the world of “Squid Game.” Can we possibly expect to see a more in-depth look at the origins of the games? Maybe even meeting new, shadowy figures who work behind the curtain, masterminding this whole ordeal? Only time will say.

    The one thing that is for sure is “Squid Game” is set to be a sprawling saga one that will most definitely continue to thrill viewers for further seasons. So get ready for some more high-octane drama, and remember, in the “Squid Game” world, there is but one golden rule: survive or die.

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