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    Songs About That Wet Wet

    In an emotional food desert, p*ssy can be an oasis. If none do it better than nothing is wetter. Here are some songs about the gushy good stuff.

    1. P*ssy Feels Like Droptop in the Rain

    This song is dripping with romance. “Top down in the rain” is about as wet as it gets. Dating someone freaky and sensual is definitely a rainy day cozy vibe.

    2. Melting Like Ice Cream

    “You make me melt like ice cream with your smile. Stay with me in this daydream for a while!” It’s wetter than wet, it’s melting. If falling in love is a sensual experience, then Kali Uchis has you covered.

    3. Sip It Like It’s Styrofoam

    “Sip this p*ssy like it’s styrofoam!” ‘Nuff said, spoken like a true pillow princess. Iggy Azalea keeps it simple.

    4. She Wet

    She’s the drink that he can’t get enough of. “Addicted to her like dirty sprite.” Soda can be refreshing, but how’s that for a vice?

    5. Slippery, Excuse Me, Please Me

    Like a leaky faucet, some women are simply dripping. “I heard your bi*ch she got that water!” Facts, b.

    6. That Water

    “Got a model bi*ch livin’ in Florida/Gotta bi*ch from the hood out in Georgia/And my other lil bi*ch a New Yorker!” Dating multiple women at once is what keeps DaBaby hydrated.

    Which song is the most relatable? Let us know your favorite vaginal anthem in the comments.


    1. Bummer, I can’t watch that Iggy Azalea video due to the “Seizure Warning” posted at the start of the video.

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