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    SOMOH Returns With An Anthemic New Single, “Anything”

    Emerging singer-songwriter SOMOH has recently released her newest single titled “Anything.” This showcases how mightily her musicality has evolved over a short period.

    The new single sees her utilizing her melodious vocals to envelop us in an atmospheric soundscape that leaves us wanting to hear more from her memorable music catalog.

    “Anything” is a song that captivates listeners with a sound that stimulates raw emotions with its reflective lyrics and fascinating sonics.

    Traveling through Pop and Acoustic, it delivers a piece with excellent arrangements, sweet vocals, and melodies that conquer you from the first second.

    “Anything” expresses the excellent feeling of profoundly falling in love with a person. Synthesized with elements of 90s indie-rock and bedroom pop.

    The reflective single is an emotionally driven piece that utilizes her unique vocal performance as she flows over lush melodies and warm sonics, engaging her listeners from start to finish.

    Stream “Anything” on Spotify 

    Connect with SOMOH: TikTok | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram

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