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    San Diego’s Lil Maru Stands Out With “Como Yo”

    I know that most people don’t fully apply themselves when it comes to New Year’s resolutions. I’m the type of person to actively pursue my goals all year long, regardless of the month.

    This year I resolved to get more out of my comfort zone and create new experiences. One way I have worked towards this goal is by forcing myself to listen to music I never thought I would listen to.

    Make an Exception

    I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that Spanish music was growing on me, specifically Spanish rap. Normally, you wouldn’t catch me listening to Spanish rap, but it’s something special about Lil Maru’s music.

    The San Diego rapper is my lone exception for Spanish-speaking artists because he knows how to make a song that appeals to all races.

    Capitalizing on the momentum of his last single, “On The Block,” he has returned with a new song that he hopes can outdo. His new release, “Como Yo,” translates to “Like Me” in Spanish because other artists want to be like him.

    Here’s the thing, he has such a unique flow; it’d be obvious if someone tried to replicate his style.

    There’s Still Hope

    Listening to Lil Maru rap in Spanish is something I didn’t know I needed. Once he hears the tempting production, Maru comes alive and gets in his bag.

    We all know how crowded the West Coast rap scene is, so if he wanted to stand out, he had to bring something new.

    And that’s exactly what Maru did on this track. He showed that he was in a lane with calm melodies. Combine that with the fact that he packed his verses with genuine lyricism, which isn’t common for most artists.

    Since Drakeo The Ruler passed away, I was afraid the West-Coast rap scene would fall off the map. But that can’t be true when you have severely underrated artists like Lil Maru who have been putting in work.

    As I mentioned, I don’t listen to Spanish music like that usually, but this guy makes music that anyone can enjoy.

    Stream “Como Yo” on Spotify below.



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