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    Polo G Family Drama: Footage Shows Alleged Shooting Between Rapper’s Mom & Daughter

    The internet is abuzz today with disturbing reports involving Polo G‘s family. The footage purportedly features a heated argument between Polo G’s mother, Stacia Mac, and his sister, Leilani Capalot.

    A ring camera footage is now leaked online, showing the rapper’s mother, Stacia Mac, and her sister, Leilani. In the video, Stacia does indeed come out from her house with a gun and fires numerous rounds. She has said as much in her Instagram Story, telling her followers that she did not intend to hurt Leilani but intended only to fire off warning shots for her to leave her property.

    Stacia has since come out to accuse her daughter of leaking the footage, explaining on social media,

    “And now all want to know how she got the video. I sent it to her dad because she lied to him and said I shot at her 16 times.” Leilani has denied the accusations, saying that her mother sent the footage to friends who then leaked it. “So how am I supposed to leak a video from somebody’s ring camera that they’re only supposed to have access to?” she posted in the initial tweet. “To someone I don’t talk to? Two months later? YOU sent the video out thinking it was funny, and your homies leaked it to the blogs! Take accountability.”

    Leilani says she’s okay after being forced to endure the terrifying moment. She came forward to tell everybody through X what was going on with her:

    “Yall, I promise that I am OKAY lol. I’m honestly extremely proud of myself and have been in the best space mentally, physically, and emotionally! I’m over 40 days alcohol-free as well! I wouldn’t dare compromise my healing journey and publicize something so embarrassing for all parties involved! Although triggering, I will not let this derail my progress AT ALL! Furthermore, I’ve come too far. I feel too good.”

    This incident may have substantial legal implications for Stacia Mac since she is chargeable for assault and battery due to the video evidence where she is seen chasing Leilani with a handgun and further shooting. The extent of charging may, however, be determined by this video evidence. Even as the argument from Stacia could be that she merely shot off rounds as warning shots in self-defense, thereby clearing her off some legal charges, everything depends on the way investigations go and which laws shall be relevant.

    Additionally, Leilani can file a suit against her mother on the grounds of causing her emotional distress and bodily damages resulting from the assault. Stacia can still be liable even if no criminal charges are pressed. This could further backlash on prominent figure Polo G. The very public nature of the fight and the consequent media coverage may further problematize his public image.

    At this point, it might be taken as a family drama portraying distressing pressures and mighty demands that hit public figures. It is a sharp reminder of the mental health support and constructive resolution of needed conflicts, even within high-profile families.

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