Noah Ashton Drops New Single, “Do What I Do”


Noah Ashton is a fearless multi-faceted rising rhymer returning with his slappin’ new single, “Do What I Do”.

The trendy track features captivating lyrics that showcase the rapper’s ability to express his life and thoughts through music. Noah presents a solid and fearless attitude with a touch of playfulness. The record not only showcases his lyrical prowess but also highlights the groundbreaking production by renowned talent such as Grammy Award-winning record producer and songwriter “DVLP” and Latin Trap Movement pioneer LUYO.

The single explores the theme of betrayal, shedding light on the opportunistic behavior of so-called friends who seek help but fail to reciprocate when the tables turn. Many fans can relate to the situations depicted in the record, and Noah himself has experienced similar encounters, demonstrating his capability to achieve success independently.

Accompanying the single is an impressive music video directed by renowned DMV videographer Sonny Pandher, aka LIFEINADSLR. The visually captivating content brings the audio to life, leaving a lasting impression.

Noah is at the forefront of the hard-hitting hip-hop wave, as evident from his extensive discography, which includes recent hits like “Inna Bricks” and “No Way.” With the addition of his latest release, “Do What I Do,” Noah continues to solidify his discography.

Noah originates from the bustling township of Hoboken situated in New Jersey; blessed with an uncanny style and an entrancing voice that strikes deep chords within the hearts of his contemporaries. Incessantly driving forward without any signs of deceleration, he plants seeds of anticipation through this recent hit, offering fleeting glimpses into what awaits us in the year 2022 courtesy of this exceptional rising star. Keep an eye out for additional news, music, and updates. Don’t forget to listen to the smash single and watch the music video, and let us know your thoughts. Also, be sure to check out our interview with this trending talent from the Tri-State area.

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