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    Mother of Teen Rapper C-Blu Says Her Son Is Innocent

    They say that a mother will do anything to protect her child. Monique McGriff, the mother of Camrin Williams, aka Bronx drill rapper C-Blu, claims her son is innocent after being arrested. The 17-year-old has already faced prosecution after shooting at a cop. Now C-Blu has faced an arrest again for carrying a weapon. Though, his mother swears that it’s just another hoax from the police trying to convict her son for a crime he didn’t do.

                Police Brutality At It’s Finest

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    It’s no secret that the police target specific individuals, especially from the black community. Police brutality has become increasingly more prevalent in the coming years. Unfortunately, police arrested teen rapper C-Blu again on Tuesday in the Bronx district on the corner of Garden Street and Crotona Ave.

    Furthermore, the police claimed they were conducting another “random car stop” but C-Blu distracted them with his behavior. Authorities recount watching the teen rapper running across the street to his car, carrying a loaded firearm. AllHipHop has described the gun as a loaded silver Bryco Arms 9mm handgun. Making matters worse, the gun had a live round in the chamber and 11 rounds in the magazine.

    Not to mention, C-Blu allegedly has an affiliation with the Reywey Crew, a division of the Crips. He even shot a cop and walked away a free man after the charges dropped. Unfortunately, C-Blu has several negatives working against him. Hopefully, he can see his way out through the other side of this case.

                His Mother Claims He’s Innocent

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    Monique McGriff wholeheartedly believes her son is innocent. She even believes the gun didn’t belong to her son. “Another stop and frisk and the same group of kids being targeted by the same cops and them finding something that didn’t belong to my son. It’s not fair at all,” McGriff said in a statement. Hopefully, C-Blu’s mother is right and that he’s innocent in this case. Otherwise, the teen rapper could face some serious jail time.

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