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    Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Spice Speaks Out Against Erica Mena’s Racism

    Spice Opens Up About Erica Mena’s Racist Slur and Departure from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”

    In a recent MTV roundtable discussion, Spice and her fellow “Love & Hip Hop” cast members took a deep dive into a troubling episode from this season. It involved Erica Mena repeatedly using a racist slur against Spice, making monkey noises, and ultimately led to Mena’s exit from the show. Spice didn’t hold back, expressing her strong feelings on the matter.

    Spice didn’t mince her words. She flat-out said,

    “I honestly don’t care about other people’s opinions. What we heard was a racist comment.”

    She then took a moment to explain why that word stings so much, mentioning its history as a tool used by slave owners to demean Black people. It’s plain offensive, she said, and it really hurts.

    Spice also shared her feelings about the criticism she faced for commenting on Mena’s parenting during the episode. She mentioned that on the show, folks often discuss each other’s parenting, but what really upset her was being portrayed as the “angry Black woman.” She couldn’t understand why Mena had to use a racial slur in her response. It left her feeling confused and let down.

    In response to Mena’s now-deleted statement where she expressed regret for her words, Spice wasn’t buying it. She emphasized that a genuine apology can’t be prompted by financial consequences, and it has to come from the heart.

    Spice made it clear that she wasn’t seeking a personal apology because she doubted its sincerity. She said,

    “You can’t just apologize because your pocket has been affected. You’ve got to really mean it.”

    Mena, on the other hand, felt that MTV‘s roundtable was a desperate attempt to salvage their image and criticized the network for not including her in the discussion. She also challenged MTV to air a discussion between her and Spice, asserting that Spice’s behavior was just as wrong.

    In the end, MTV announced on September 2nd that Erica Mena had been let go from the show due to her actions. This incident has sparked crucial conversations about racism, accountability, and the importance of genuine apologies within the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” community.

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