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    Long Island musician Grist Mil Released Its Debut Single “Untitled”

    Grist Mil, the new solo project of Long Island musician Derrick Sherman, has recently released its debut single, “Untitled.” The track showcases Sherman’s knack for creating dynamic and vibrant rock music that will capture the attention of music fans everywhere.

    As Sherman explains, the genesis of Grist Mil came during a period of personal upheaval when he found himself grappling with the realities of adulthood and the limitations it placed on his ability to pursue his passion for music. However, as he began to reconnect with his creative side, he discovered that music was still the source of catharsis and joy it had always been.

    “Untitled” is a powerful testament to Sherman’s renewed commitment to his craft, showcasing his skill as a songwriter and musician. With its driving rhythm, soaring vocals, and passionate lyrics, the track will resonate with anyone who has struggled to balance their creative pursuits with the demands of everyday life. Overall, “Untitled” is a promising debut from Grist Mil and a strong indication of this talented artist’s exciting music yet to come.

    Stream “Untitled” on Spotify 

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