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    Leading Songs To Add To Your Playlist Right Now – October

    Every day up-and-coming artists release their astonishing sounds on different digital streaming platforms such as Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and many others. But due to the tremendous number of pieces being released daily, we need help to keep up with all the new music coming out daily. So we’ve done you the favor of listing out some of the best high-echelon artist’s songs making major hits right now. 

    Today, we’ll showcase the top best tracks/videos that crossed our paths in October, creating a stir in the music industry in 2022. Remember to show them, love by following them on all social media platforms.

    Maia Malancus – “Chewing Gum”

    Maia Malancus’s newest release, “Chewing Gum,” it’s the perfect hybrid between Maia’s strong storytelling and brilliant pop intertwined with very catchy lyrics and all the essential dose of craziness but still levels you with a fresh and relaxed vibe. The video shows us a vibe with audacious images that takes you into a world full of dreamy and cinematic experience.


    3Tattie – “Mistakes”3

    Independent Soul/RnB and Rap artist Tattie returns with another spectacular hit single titled “Mistakes.” Even as the name implies, Tattie was sure not to make any mistakes on this track as he delivered a moody and unusual beat which he used to captivate his audience with a tremendous consciousness-styled performance.


    Emei – “End of an Era”

    Emei is back and gilds our eardrums with the melancholic song “End of an Era.” Here we get massive Billie Eilish vibes, and the soundscape feels utterly unique for the Alt-Pop music market. The song is filled with dripping vocals, colorful lyrics, and danceable tunes, which show Emei’s versatile range, alluring listeners who get a full view of delicate melodic runs over hyper-relatable musings on young adult life.

    Pharaoh Soul – “Monsters”

    Pharaoh Soul drops some incalculable candies in his new single “Monsters.” As we enter the season of Halloween, the new single embodies the scary properties of a monster that he fears, only to find out the only monster in his way is himself. The rapper delivers a dynamic performance with explicit lyrical schemes and a thrilling chorus.

    Briggzzy – “Biggest Fan”

    Artist Briggzzy surprises strongly when he releases the catchy single “Biggest Fan.” Briggzzy amplifies the importance of making your women feel very special or being her hype man over a moody and relatively weighty soundscape while supplying a handful of hard-hitting bars rooted in relatable lines.

    CALYCO – “Unpredictable”

    Five of the UK’s legends collaborate! In the single “Unpredictable.” Angel, Chloe, Izzy, Julie, and Tyger, offer dynamic Pop/Rnb uptempo dance contrasting with beautiful vocals. The chorus is high-flying with an arena-appropriate melody. Calcyo continues to be unpredictable as this is their first English and Spanish song ever made.

    Lindsey – “Save Me”

    “Save Me” is an emotional song about how she was able to overcome depression with the hope that it can help others who are going through the same situation she went through. A text that hits straight to the heart. Very nicely structured song with dreamlike synths, vulnerable vocals, and cinematic production. Lindsey is a faith-based artist with a universally profound artistic gift and the capability to bring conformity and hope to the earth. – “Selfless”

    Oakville, Ontario-based singer/songwriter shares his new single “Selfless.” A song about the expression of growing up centered around a mother who struggles daily to fill the role of an absent father in her son’s life, incorporating great emotions and euphoric production to create absolute magic.

    NINA JVNE and Yung Tory – “TRAPPIN”

    Nina Jvne links up with Yung Tory to create a spectacular hyper pop single, “TRAPPING.” The song is filled with powerful lyrics of self-worth and encouragement to keep pushing through all the bad vibes in a lyrical tug-of-war displaying Nina Jvne and Yung Tory’s uniqueness.

    JNO – “Yesterday”

    Outstanding Independent artist Jno recently released a catchy hit titled “Yesterday.” In the song, he pours his heart out and talks about what it feels like to fall in love. The melody and chorus filled with a rich, wonderfully pulsating R&B, melodic vocal are spotless here.

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