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    WTF: Lady Who Left Puppies to Die Gets 1 Year of Jail

    There’s a special place for ladies who dump innocent little puppies in the trash. That place is jail.

    The lady who threw a bunch of puppies in a dumpster during Coachella is looking at a lot of time to contemplate her actions.

    Back in April, Deborah Sue Culwell was caught on a surveillance camera dumping seven pups like they were trash. Luckily though, a good samaritan wasn’t too far away. The good samaritan rescued the puppies from the dumpster in the 90-degree heat and took them to Riverside County Animal Services. The dogs were in a bag.

    The Hollywood Unlocked got the scoop that police arrested Deborah, and she met her consequences.

    At first, she was looking at a much lengthier time behind bars, but judges cut her some slack. Deborah was staring at seven years in the slammer, but her sentence got a drastic reduction to just one year. Deborah pled guilty to the 14 charges of 7 felony counts of animal cruelty and 7 misdemeanor counts of abandoning the dogs.

    On top of the charges, she got six years of probation, which went down to 174 days for time served. In addition, she has to submit to drug testing and complete mental health counseling. She’s 54-years-old.

    After her arrest, Deborah was found to be keeping an additional 38 other dogs in her custody. The home was discovered to not only be unsuitable for humans but also animals.

    Good news though, the animals were all rescued from the home and received proper care following the rescue.

    And as for the puppies, only six survived, but the six that did survive have all found happy homes.

    Thoughts? What’s on your mind about the lady who dumped the puppies in the trash? Let us know what you’re thinking by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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    Featured Image: NBC LA

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