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    Khamari Has Us “Drifting” To His Outstanding New Releases

    What a voice! At this point, it’s not old news that Khamari always delivers unique music that’s on track. Khamari’s expression makes a strong impression on the current single “Drifting.”

    “Drifting” shows so many different sides of my music, making it enjoyable because it’s so versatile, showcasing escapism, overwhelming emotion, and finding a way out of sameness, Khamari explains.

    Khamari is an independent artist, singer/songwriter, and producer who grew up in Dorchester, Boston, MA. He gives a clean hip-hop anthem with an R&B twist, atmospheric vocals, and soft, seductive production.

    “Drifting” is a prominent playlist addition for an R&B-scented production that matches Nina Simone’s soulful voice spread throughout the song. As a fan of the artist, it feels fascinating to sink your teeth into the Khamari music collection. But until then, enjoy this single.

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