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    Jake Paul Knocks Out Former UFC Tyron Woodley In Round Six

    Jake Paul continues to prove the haters and doubters wrong time and time again. This past weekend was no different. These past couple of performances  may have woken people up about taking Paul seriously in the boxing world. Paul’s a Youtube star turned into a professional boxer. He has officially knocked out former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in the sixth round. While the fight was seemingly disappointing up until the finish, many people thought Paul was genuinely losing the fight on the scorecard.

    “This is as real as it gets, just like my right hand,” Paul said.

    The fight was contracted for 192 pounds over eight rounds. In the first fight, Paul beat Woodley via split decision in Cleveland, Ohio. This fight was slightly different, Woodley had a clause within his contract. If Woodley could knock Paul out he’d be granted an additional $500,000. While it didn’t seem to be going in a direction of a Woodley knockout for the majority iof the fight this was, to say the least, a different motivation during the fight.

    Jake Paul insight on the knockout

    Paul spoke about the knockout shortly after in the post-fight interview. Paul said he noticed Woodley was catching his right cross with Woodley’s left. He emphasized he timed the punch and calculated when he would drop that hand in order to take advantage.

    “I got the knockout, the highlight-reel knockout,” Paul said. “I was setting up that shot. He was trying to catch the right hand coming straight. I had to loop it like a hook.”
    Woodley took the place of Paul’s initial opponent, Tommy Fury, who is the brother of current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Woodley on two weeks’ notice accepted the fight after Fury withdrew because of a broken rib and chest infection he received during training camp. As a result, Paul gifted Woodley a Rolex watch in the pre-fight faceoff for taking the fight upon such short notice.

    “This guy is amazing,” Paul said about Woodley. “I admire him for accepting this fight with only two weeks’ notice because Tommy Fury is weak.”

    Paul suffered a cut from Woodley midway through the third round. It was a gash on Paul’s forehead, over his right eye. In the next round, his arm was pulled in a clinch exchange he claims. As stated prior, the fought was a bit underwhelming and sloppy until the finish. However, they found a way to make this fight somewhat interesting, the majority of the fight was clinching throughout the rounds. Woodley’s best round was his third where he landed a huge right hand. This was countered by Paul’s fourth round where he landed a big right hand, as well.

    It’s scary to put a cap on where this could go,” Paul said. “The potential really is unlimited here.

    “I dropped my f—ing hands one time, and that’s all it took,” Woodley said in the postfight news conference.

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