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    Jake Forte Unveiled His New Single Entitled “Clouds”

    American singer/songwriter Jake Forte recently released a trendy new single entitled “Clouds,” which puts the young star’s artistic skills on full display for the whole world to see and taste what original music feels like.

    “Clouds” shows Jake’s ability to fuse his bedroom pop sound into an intimate and fragile expression driven by an upbeat tempo and classic 808 drums where the chorus is immediately there, with the right amount of organic instrumentation and modern synths.

    Jake Forte has been making a noise in the industry since he dropped this single, receiving accolades from his family, close friends, colleagues, and many others. He has been striving to perfect his newly found sound and does not intend to die anytime soon. He is an artist to watch out for because you might quickly see him among the big names.

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    Connect with Jake Forte: TikTok | Instagram | Spotify 

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