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    Is Kourtney Kardashian Getting Smashed By John Mayer?

    It has been no secret that Kourtney is one of the most sought after women on the market. However, we didn’t see a Kourtney Kardashian-John Mayer hook up about to take place.

    Over the past several weeks’ rumors have been swirling around Kourtney Kardashian and her involvement with John Mayer. The two claim that they are just good friends, but we know it’s more to the story. Apparently, the two bumped into each other at last year’s GQ Men Of the Year Event.

    RadarOnline claims that Mayer insists that he’s “not her type at all”.This probably to make her baby father Scott Disick a little uncomfortable. Earlier this year it was revealed that the two are still very much into each other. In addition that the two are “soulmates”.

    “Kourtney finds John hot and talented and she likes a bad boy,” a source told Radar. “John may not be someone that Kourtney would end up with, but she’s all about having fun and is convinced that John is the perfect guy for a fling!”

    Furthermore, Kourtney has three children, but that’s not stopping her from letting John shoot his shot. We’re also pretty sure that Scott’s girlfriend Sofia Richie is all supportive of the possibility of Kourtney and John being together. After all, Sofia has plenty of trust issues regarding the co-parents current relationship.

    “Sofia is already super jealous of his relationship with Kourtney, and although Scott tells Sofia that she is the one for him, she will always feel inferior to Kourtney,”
    “Even when she is with them both she feels inferior. This is just really hard for Sofia and while Kourtney tries to include her in things, there is nothing that she can really do.”

    Do you think that the two make a good couple? How will Scott feel about this? leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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