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    Indiana women’s basketball HC Teri Moren Disgusted with Facilities

    Indiana women’s basketball Head Coach Teri Moren voiced her disappointment with the court conditions at their holiday weekend tournament in Las Vegas. Photos surfaced online, sparking outrage. The tournament was held in the Mirage hotel’s ballroom, which did not have sufficient space for spectators or stands.

    Instead of stands, chairs were arranged around the courts, according to Sports Illustrated. Even if there had been a large turnout, the facility wouldn’t have been able to accommodate everyone.

    Moren commented, “What was disappointing was the overall appearance; it didn’t create a fan-friendly environment.” She further expressed concern that this incident could be seen as a step backward for women’s basketball. Moren emphasized the need to promote and advance the game, which was missed due to the subpar conditions at the tournament.

    This incident highlights a much larger issue of disrespect towards women’s college basketball. It raises important discussions about women’s sports and the treatment of women in general. Unfortunately, not much has changed since the 2021 NCAA tournament, where similar inadequate conditions were experienced.

    Ryan Polk, the site coordinator, apologized for the underwhelming arrangement and recognized the necessity of having complete bleachers. He stated that this event was a one-time disaster and expressed regret over missing the mark in terms of the spectator experience. The Mirage has been notified that the tournament will not return to their venue.

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