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    Houis TeamUp With Ushuaia x Foreignlocal For “Can’t Explain”

    Houis, Foreignlocal., and Ushuaia have come together to produce a soulful and intimate new single, “Can’t Explain.” This collaboration combines the talents of a New York producer, a singer/songwriter, and a guitarist to create a sound that blends neo-soul, jazz, and pop music.

    The dreamy aesthetic of the track draws listeners into a soothing space, with Foreign Local’s soulful singing reflecting the comfort and warmth of being surrounded by loved ones and friends. The smooth guitar playing of Ushuaia adds the perfect touch of neo-soul to the mix, while Houis’ production skills tie the elements together seamlessly.

    Houis is known for his emotional and intimate music, and “Can’t Explain” is no exception. This track is a perfect representation of his unique style, which blends R&B, chillout, and jazzy lofi to create a sound that is both relaxing and emotionally powerful.

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