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    Dusty Locane’s New Single “Rumble” Dominates Hip-Hop

    There’s no such thing as an overnight success artist. The statement would’ve been true years ago. These days, new artists come out every day. Thanks to the internet and streaming services like Spotify, artists can rise to the top in a matter of seconds. Brooklyn-based rapper Dusty Locane has only released three singles that have already become mega hits. Competitors shouldn’t underestimate the basso-voiced rapper. Dusty Locane has made a name for himself in the rap scene. The young emcee continues to dominate the rap scene with the release of his new single “Rumble.”

                           Locane’s Rise To Stardom

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    Every emcee raps about making it big. They can either brag about the “stacks” in their bank accounts or tell a rags-to-riches life story. Brooklyn rapper Dusty Locane best described his breakout moment in a lyric off his hit single “Rolando (Caught In The Rain.” In the verse, Locane raps, “It was all in front of me; I just had to go get it.” That’s the understandment of the century.

    Less than a year after he started rapping, Locane experienced one of the most meteoric rises in recent rap history. After the release of his first three tracks, the baby-faced rapper’s career slammed into high gear. His breakout song “R60LLXN N CONTROLLIN” and its follow-up “Rolando” both went viral. The songs garnered millions of video plays and streams within days. Along with the two songs, his third single “INTRO 2 ME, PT. 1” accumulated 1.3 million Spotify streams alone. In the month of January, Locane accumulated over 8 million on-demand streams. Obviously the guy can spit some serious bars.

    Moreover, all three songs made it onto Rolling Stone’s Trending 25 Chart. Locane’s breakout track “R60LLXN N CONTROLLXN FREESTYLE” placed at #1, while “Rolando” and “INTRO” came in the Top 10. He himself even came in 5th place on Rolling Stone’s Breakthrough 25 Chart, solidifying his reign over HipHop. Dusty Locane’s rap career took off even before releasing his first album. The rapper’s talents surpass even the biggest SoundCloud rappers of today.

      Dusty Locane’s Response To Pop Smoke Comparisons

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    While the rapper scored huge wins in the early stages of his rap career, he’s also received some harsh criticism. Specifically, critics draw comparisons between him and fellow New York-based rapper Pop Smoke who passed away last February. Internet trolls really started rearing up their ugly heads when DJ Akademiks compared his sound to the late rapper.  While some fans agreed with the vlogger, others outright accused the rising star of stealing Pop Smoke’s style. Though, Locane set the record straight.

    In talking with Fucious TV, Locane revealed that he respects the “Big Woo” too much to ever steal his style. Locane welcomes everyone’s opinions but he makes it clear that he’s his own person. Additionally, he revealed that him and Pop Smoke attended the same grade school together. The two were even friends at one point. Luckily, that friendship kept Locane from sharing his sentiments during Pop Smoke’s death. The rising rapper shared with Fucious Tv that he didn’t want to “play up” his friendship with Pop Smoke at the time. Locane worried that his actions would come off as exploitive. The emcee lives by noteworthy morals that most up and coming talents don’t have.

                            Dusty Locane’s “Rumble” Track

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    Clearly Dusty Locane doesn’t need a leg up in the industry. The Brooklyn-based rapper has made his fame possible with just his raw talent for rap. With millions of streams under his belt, the basso-voiced emcee shared with fans his fourth single “Rumble” that’s worth the listen. The song’s aesthetics experiment with “horror movie strings and sliding 808s, layered over drill’s signature staccato hi-hats.” In “Rumble”, Locane makes it known that he doesn’t start fights, he ends them. “I hope that you you ready to rumble/Cause I bring my weapon with me, I don’t tussle.” As his music clearly illustrates, Dusty Locane’s flow leaves fans wanting more with every new single.

    What do you think of Dusty Locane’s music? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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