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    Courtney Govan shares a vulnerability single, “at least”

    Rising queer indie-pop artist Courtney Govan announces the release of her newest single, “at least.” The heart-ravaging piano ballad is a poignant reflection on the unexpected loss of Govan’s closest friend, who ended their eight-year relationship without warning via text.

    Despite the pain and heartbreak conveyed in the song’s lyrics and storytelling, “at least” also serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, patience and the passage of time can bring about profound growth and wisdom. Govan’s powerful vocals add depth and emotion to the already poignant lyrics, highlighting the artist’s maturity and grace in the face of such a challenging experience.

    “at least” marks yet another impressive milestone for Govan, whose burgeoning career in the indie-pop scene has garnered her a growing fanbase and critical acclaim. The song showcases her remarkable songwriting skills, powerful vocals, and ability to evoke complex emotions in her listeners.

    Listeners can expect to be moved by the raw honesty and vulnerability on display in “at least,” and to come away with a renewed appreciation for the power of resilience and growth in the face of loss. “at least” is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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