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    Coely’s new single, “Fruit Of Bantu,” ft. Shaka Shams, celebrates the beauty and originality of the black human race.

    Belgian hip-hop icon Coely is back with a new single, “Fruit Of Bantu” ft. Shaka Shams. This powerful and uplifting track celebrates the heritage of the black community, emphasizing the beauty of women’s curves and hips. Coely’s infectious energy and exceptional voice make her a standout artist in the music industry, and her new single is a testament to her talent and creativity.

    Coely has an international following and has won numerous prizes for her exceptional talent, including the Best Female Artist and two MIA awards. Her live performances are nothing short of magical, and “Fruit Of Bantu” promises to be a transcendental experience for her fans, lifting them out of their everyday reality.

    Get ready to dance and celebrate the beauty of the black human race with Coely’s “Fruit Of Bantu” ft. Shaka Shams. This focus track is a teaser for Coely’s upcoming album, which promises to be another musical masterpiece.

    Coely is sure to captivate her international audience and blur the boundaries of musical genres even further. Fans can’t wait to hear more from her upcoming album and experience her live performances once again after a long period of COVID-induced isolation.

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