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    Chisom Reveals Dazzling New Album ‘Bracelets’

    The Nigerian-American artist Chisom breaks free from societal and musical boundaries in his captivating new album ‘Bracelets.’ This twelve-song masterpiece melds afro-pop-infused hip-hop with soul, alternative hip-hop, and afro-fusion to create a truly unique and mesmerizing sound. Inspired by the metaphor of handcuffs as a representation of materialism’s confinement, Chisom’s album delves into appreciating life’s finer aspects beyond material possessions.

    The conception of ‘Bracelets’ took place during a month-long sojourn in Houston, Texas, where the city’s sweltering heat and vibrant nightlife ignited Chisom’s creative spirit. The album’s powerful message emerged organically as he penned lyrics reflecting his yearning to break free from materialistic shackles.

    The title track, “Bracelets,” was born from an unfortunate encounter with the police. Chisom channeled his frustration and disappointment into a unique artistic expression that resonates deeply with listeners.

    Chisom’s artistry, heavily influenced by vintage East Coast hip-hop and African musical traditions, fuses his passion for genre history with a keen focus on crafting his own path. His evocative lyricism offers insightful commentary on American society while celebrating his rich cultural heritage. With past releases earning accolades from OkayPlayer, DJBooth, and XXL, Chisom is well on his way to becoming an important voice for his generation.

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