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    Carter Wilson drops a new single, “Sky Cries Diamonds”

    Seattle’s rising star, Carter Wilson, is back with a new single set to take the music world by storm. “Sky Cries Diamonds” is a captivating and enchanting track showcasing this up-and-coming artist’s exceptional talent and creativity.

    Carter Wilson is an artist rapidly making a name for himself in the music industry, and “Sky Cries Diamonds” is the latest release that will cement his position in the scene. This track is a testament to his unique style and ability to craft catchy and memorable songs that leave a lasting impression.

    The single features a combination of incredible instrumentals and stunning vocals that transport the listener to another world. The lyrics are thought-provoking and touching, touching on love, loss, and hope. The chorus is catchy and upbeat, leaving listeners wanting to hit repeat.

    Carter Wilson has a talent for creating relatable and impactful music, and “Sky Cries Diamonds” is no exception. The track’s unique sound sets it apart from the rest, making it stand out in a sea of same-sounding music.

    With “Sky Cries Diamonds,” Carter Wilson has once again shown his exceptional skills as a songwriter and performer, and fans are eagerly awaiting more music from this talented artist.

    “Sky Cries Diamonds” is available on all major streaming platforms, so check it out today and discover the magic of Carter Wilson’s music for yourself.


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