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    Boyd Hoek shares a new EP, “Life Is A Trip.”

    Boyd Hoek is a producer from Amsterdam that has changed the music industry. Gaining his inspiration for his beats from real-world experiences rather than others’ music, his music is unlike anyone else’s. After building many companies, he decided it was time to pursue his true passion, music.

    With music being very hard, he works and is passionate about his goals. He pushes to get everything done the best he can, and even in the worst of times, he manages a way through them. His beats have gained thousands of streams on Spotify alone, and his audience keeps growing daily.

    His newest EP, “Life Is A Trip,” is something that all can listen to. His beats are very calm and relaxing. They feature great melodies that make you feel a different type of way. Combining many styles, he’s open to ideas and shows them with his beats.

    You can follow him on Instagram.

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