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    Bonni3: An Influential Artist Who Created A Successful Brand

    Gabriel Comfort, better known as “Bonni3,” has been a successful artist/entrepreneur since 2013. She began with dropshipping and then converted fully to reselling before it became popular among other creators. 

    Music has always been something she wanted to pursue, but she had no idea that running her own business would be at the forefront of her success. She began with the hope of later launching her own company but decided to remain a sole proprietor and utilize her name to complete capacity. Since then, she has created 2 of her publications,” Limitless Magazine” and “Higher Frequency.” 

    She branded herself so well that she is known by many in and outside of the music industry for her knack for providing press and other services many brands need. Outside of business, she has successfully charted twice on iTunes and plans to keep continuing music and releasing content.

    If you have not already, check out her latest single charted, “Paralyzed.”

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