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    Benjamin Elias Pays Homage To Famous Tupac In “A COWARD DIES 1000 DEATHS”

    Tel-Aviv-based rapper Benjamin Elias recently released a stunning new single called “A COWARD DIES 1000 DEATHS,” which is the first single from my upcoming album “Buried Treasure.”

    “A COWARD DIES 1000 DEATHS” is a song about the idea of being brave in all you pursue, never giving up on who you are, and over-reliance on self-medicating. Which has a surreal quality to its memorable hook as Benjamin’s laid-back rap delivery combines everything to unite the sounds and bring something magical to the music world.

    We might not have the full details of this artist’s back story, but from what we have seen and heard, one thing is sure Benjamin Elias is an artist with excellent music capabilities, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

    Stream “A COWARD DIES 1000 DEATHS” on Spotify

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