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    Australian Artist Gabriel Bishop Unviels New Single “Off My Mind”

    Gabriel Bishop’s recently released single, “Off My Mind,” is a track that will make you want to hit the dance floor. With a unique blend of D’Angelo’s lyrical suave and Charlie Puth’s crisp production, the track effortlessly combines groovy, laid-back drums and floaty keys to tell the story of a forbidden romance in the 21st century. The verses are fabulous and flirty, while the in-your-face bass-centric chorus drives the message home harder with every kick drum.

    Gabriel Bishop, the solo project of Brisbane-based producer Harry Wells, has been honing his skills for four years as an independent producer. With his love for the early 2000s hip-hop and RnB and his roots as a folk singer-songwriter. Gabriel creates lyrically focused, musically complex, and irresistibly catchy music. He uses his wide range of influences to make a diverse sound that is unmistakably his own.

    If you haven’t already checked out Gabriel Bishop’s music, “Off My Mind” is a great place to start. “Off My Mind” perfectly represents Gabriel Bishop’s unique style and sound. The track pulls the listener into its world and will only let them go once they are dancing along.

    Stream “Off My Mind” on Spotify

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