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    10 things That Differentiates Matt Reeves’ The Batman story

    10 things That Differentiates Matt Reeves’ The Batman story from all other Batmans.

    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB

    Matt Reeves/ retelling of Batman’s early days had fans questioning the type of Batman they were likely to see. The origin story of Batman has been told and retold as the character became a pop cutlure phenomenon. At this point, everyone is familiar with his beginnings. So, there enlies Reeves’ task to differentiate his Batman story from film and tv productions of the past.

    The Following Are 10 things That Differentiates Matt Reeves’ The Batman Story.

    1. First, Matt Reeves says that his inspiration for The Batman came from and unexpected Comic series, Batman Ego.

    Matt Reeves

    The Comic series, Batman Ego was written and illustrated by Darwyn Cooke. In this story, Bruce is confronted by his alter ego, The Batman. During the span of this story, Wayne must question his methods, mindset, and motivation. The character is unraveled and closer to a darker side of Batman, we have yet to witness.

    Matt Reeves

    It’s a psychological take on The Batman and gives Bruce his biggest nemesis: himself. During the movie, a scene shows Batman working out his rage on a bunch of Gotham thugs. Patternson’s Batman is displayed as violent and troubled. The Bat unleashes brutally on his avasaries, beating  them to a pulp. And, when he was asked who he was, Batman replied with the signature line, “I am Vengeance.”

    “All the fights seem very personal.”

    -Robert Patternson confirmed.

    2. Runtime battles

    Apparently, Reeves has been coming into conflict with studio execs at Warner Brothers for the runtime of his film. This isn’t anything new. Previously, Zack Snyder encounter a similiar problem before his departure. Matt Reeves’ film clocks in about 3 hours. At 3 hours, It’s not completely unreasonable in length. And, there has been many films to release at that length. Still, WB has been clamoring for the film to be released at a more traditional number. Nevertheless, there is still time to see who will win out in the end. The film is too be released in 2022.

    3. Zoe Kravitz takes on the role of Catwoman

    Next, Catwoman or Salina Kyle is a major character that has been Bruce/Batman’s foil as both enemy and love interest. Both Halle Berry and Michelle Pfeiffer have played the role of Catwoman. Fortunately, Zoe, Lenny Kravitz daughter, has been a good fit for the character.

    Zoe Kravitz
    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB Zoe Kravitz as Salina Kyle or Catwoman. 10 things that differientiate Zoe Kravitz as Salina Kyle or Catwoman. 10 things that differientiate
    Zoe Kravitz
    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB Zoe Kravitz as Salina Kyle or Catwoman. 10 things that differentiate

    In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres ,Zoe discussed how she felt stepping into Michelle Pfeiffer’s shoes. Zoe admitted she was a tad nervous and said she was “bowing to the queen” in a recent event with  Pfeiffer. Of course, Pfeiffer definitely made the role her own. Likewise, everyone is excited to see how Zoe takes on the iconic role. In regards to training for the role, she responded with,

    “It’s going really well. It’s been exciting. And I’ve been training a ton too which has been great and hard. It’s very physical. I come home limping everyday.”


    4.The Riddler will antagonize The Batman

    The Batman
    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB Darker Riddler. 10 things that differientiate

    Additionally, It has been confirmed and revealed that the main antagonist for Reeves’ The Batman will be the Riddler. But before, you entertain the idea of the last Riddler played by Jim Carey, they caution that this Riddler will be worlds away from that Riddler. Beginning with his look, there will be no spandex costume in bright colors. Instead, he wears a dark olive drab. Everything about this character will be dark and twisted. To which point, his character has been likened to a horror villian.

    The Riddler
    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB Darker Riddler. 10 things that differientiate

    5. The World’s Greatest Detective

    Reeve’s digs down into the roots of Batman before he was a pop culture phenomenon, Batman was know to be a talented detective. Consequently, Reeves’ vision will showcase those detective skills of his early days as Batman.

    6.Dark, Gothic, Noir take on The Batman. 

    This version of The Batman is very dark and twisted. Furthermore, many of the screeners have likened this version as a horror, thriller film. It’s safe to say, this one may not be kiddo friendly and should be supervised by parents.

    Dark, Gothic
    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB 10 things that differientiate
    Dark, Gothic
    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB 10 things that differientiate

    7.Along with being dark, this Batman is more Emotional.

    Reeves commented with this quote when asked about his film,

    “I wanted it to be practical, but also the most emotional Batman film ever.”

    Of course, Batman has aways been tragic story, as he was orphaned after losing both his parents to murder. It is unclear, other than the origin story, what makes this film more emotional than predecessors. However, it does stir excitement over a new vison for The Batman that connects with the viewer in a very viseral way.

    8. Batman has a dope Batmobile

    Dark, Gothic
    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB

    Of course, ever present is the Batcave. But, It wouldn’t be Batman without the Batmobile and there have been many iterations of said Batmobile. Yet, Reeves has stuck to the core of making the Batmobile a really cool car.

    Via Variety Magazine, here is the first look at the Batmobile featured in Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

    Variety Magazine
    Batmobile via Variety Magazine Warner Bros, Matt Reeves’ The Batman

    9. Colin Ferrell is unrecognizable as Penguin

    Astonishingly, Colin Ferrel is completely unrecognizable as the Penguin while donning a specially made fat suit and cosmetics to transform him into his character.

    The Batman, Matt Reeves, WB 10 things

    10. Matt Reeves’ The Batman takes place on Earth 2, Year 2

    Finally, Reeves’ really wanted to create his own vision of Batman without being tied to previous iterations of any Batman that had come before. To do that, Reeves implored the multiverse rule. Thus, setting this story in entirely different earth. Also, by being Year two vs. Year one, Reeves can play around with the beginnings of Batman but also play a bit with the character’s psyche. 


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